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Gli esperti ricordano che Saipem ha approvato una nuova fase di riorganizzazione, e ha aperto a eventuali opzioni strategiche nel drilling in ottica di massimizzazione del valore (combinazioni, partnership, dismissioni). Le azioni che visualizzerai appariranno in questo riquadro, così potrai facilmente tornare alle quotazioni di tuo interesse. Registrati ora per creare la tua watchlist personalizzata in tempo reale streaming.

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 · Saipem, based in Milan, Italy is a leading engineering, construction and drilling company focussing on the oil and gas industry and specialising in remote areas and deepwater. It has a large offshore fleet of 29 construction vessels, 15 drilling rigs and 60 remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), capable of executing technologically difficult projects, as well as 9 fabrication yards and onshore.

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