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High Volume Penny Stock Losers. Following is a list of high volume penny stocks today sorted by the biggest volume and losers. Last Trading Date:

And just like Support Levels, the most trust-worthy Resistance Levels have been tested more than once, and trading volume increased while the share price fell away from that price. Trends are Your Friends It might look like a trend, but it often is not one.

Shares are most likely to continue in the exact same direction they are already moving. However, only trust the trend if the trading volume and therefore the shareholder turnover is great enough.

So, how much is enough when it comes to trading volume? Here's a ridiculous example to explain the point. Picture a penny stock with only shares total, which looks to be in an uptrend. If the first day saw trading volume of only 2 shares, and the first week saw a total of 6 shares, then MAYBE the trend is legitimate, but can almost certainly NOT yet be trusted.

However, if week 2 sees 12 shares trade hands, then week 3 sees another 11, and the penny stock had been in an uptrend the entire time, you could reliably expect the trend to continue and the shares to keep climbing.

Keep in mind that trends can be downward or sideways as well. In addition, it is just as important to identify when a trend is breaking down, as to discover the trend in the first place. You can learn all about this in Chapter 12 of Penny Stocks for Dummies. Price Spikes and Dips: Price spikes and price dips are much more common in penny stocks than larger blue-chip investments.

The trading activity in thinly-traded equities often leads to significant price moves for technical reasons on very low volume. Assuming there are no significant fundamental reasons behind the trade which would typically incite much more significant trading volume , then it can be viewed as a potential buying opportunity. The same holds true in reverse, when a penny stock might spike for technical, rather than fundamental, reasons. Topping and Bottoming Out Patterns: This is one of the Technical Analysis patterns which holds true with both penny stocks and multibillion dollar blue chips as well.

Put simply, when a long, sustain uptrend seems to meet up with a Resistance Level, and trading volume is falling off, this may indicate the shares have 'run out of steam. This is typically when shareholders may consider moving on. The same rules apply to Bottoming Out patterns. These represent wonderful buying opportunities, and the reversal of the down-trend into an up-trend can be quite profitable.

In part 2 of Technical Analysis for Penny Stocks, we explain: Act now, and also get: Along with a full team, Peter Leeds is the widely-recognized authority on penny stocks. Start making money from penny stocks right away. Technical Analysis in Penny Stocks Part 1.

As of January we have fully transitioned from blog to vlog video. Make sure to check out our " Free Videos " page. Get penny stock picks straight from the authority!

Act now, and also get:. Get our best penny stocks don't have the time? Start Making Money Now. Seit über einem Jahrzehnt ist das Unternehmen führend in der Entwicklung von Videokonferenz- und Collaboration-Technologie und stellt qualitativ hochwertige Lösungen, die Menschen verbinden, bereit.

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In addition, it is just as important to identify when a trend is breaking down, as to discover the trend in the first place. Viele Staaten sollen Marihuana legalisieren, genau wie Colorado es getan hat, und einige andere Staaten sind diesem Beispiel gefolgt.

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