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Dealing With Wounds From Our Upbringing

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Ngina Otiende is a Christian, wife, writer and mentor who writes at IntentionalToday. She has a passion for encouraging and equipping women to overcome mindsets that hinder them from becoming all God created them to be. She is the Author of " Blues to Bliss: You can connect with Ngina on Pinterest and Facebook. I love the passage that you wrote. My traditional Nigerian father was the same he also has passed on. Which made me feel as if I had to prove myself so much. I blamed my husband also Nigerian for a lot of what in the end I was used to.

He loves me but it can be from a distant at times. I find myself looking for the approval from him when I should accept the way he gives it. Thank you for this article! Folasad, it was so hard when my dad passed on because I had believed that I could one day prove to him that I was a daughter he could be proud of.

With him gone, there was no closure, no way to prove anything. And it was a slippery slope from there. As I learn to look to God for my filling, He has worked in our marriage in different ways, so that over the years, my husband has learned to love and speak my love language more and more.

It starts with looking to God, but then God being so wonderful, releases a blessing and gift in the relationship. Many blessings to you, glad this has been helpful! I love the honesty in this. It is exactly what I been battling. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement. So please stop taking his mistakes out on me. And here we are high school sweethearts getting ready to celebrate our 14 year anniversary. Ange, the need to be approved and validated by our earthly father is so strong.

This article is very helpful to me. Thank you for your wonderful article backed with scripture…I struggle each day with things of the past and it has ruined my present. I have totally lost hope and trust in people and have cut myself off from everyone. I know that this is contrary to the Word of God and pray that I am able to overcome this fear and battle.

Edna, I have lifted you up in prayer. That the Lord will heal you and bring you victory. Thank you so much for posting this — it was exactly what I needed to hear. I had been battling things from my childhood for so long and recently gave them to God. After He healed the wounds, I still battle with completely letting things go. I thought I was still in battle with these things, but you are so right when you said that a healed wound can still be tender.

Thank you again for the wise words and the encouragement to keep moving. My husband deserves my best and I intend to start living like God has healed me and saved me! Amen and Amen, Annie! The journey to wholeness is paved with grace but also with a lot of intentionality. We just have to make a choice to believe God above what we feel or see.

And God is so wonderful because when we are weak He is strong. Cheering you on as you live out the abundant life in your marriage, by His grace! How sad it is that we can carry wounds intentional or unintentional from our childhood through the years, to our graves. How many animals do I need on my property to qualify for Ag Valuation? What is an Ag Rollback? What is Wildlife Valuation, and how do I qualify? What is a rendition for Business Personal Property? Who must file a rendition?

I went out of business during the year. Will my business personal property taxes be prorated? What types of property must be rendered? Where can I find the rendition form? When must the rendition be filed? Will I get a notification that my rendition was received? Does my rendition have to be notarized? How do I fill out the rendition form? May I use my bookkeeping records as my rendition? If nothing has changed in my business what do I put? Is the information I render to the district confidential?

What will the appraisal district do with the information I render? How do I determine original cost? If I cannot file the rendition on time, what should I do? What happens if I do not file a rendition, or file it late? Is sales tax included in the sales price of heavy equipment or in the monthly lease or rental payment, as applicable? Can previous lease and rental payments be deducted from the cost of a piece of heavy equipment being sold? Should the cost of warranties in the sales price of heavy equipment be included before applying the unit property tax?

Is anyone who sells, leases or rents heavy equipment a dealer? If you are a heavy equipment dealer, do you still have to render under Chapter 22? Can excess funds in the escrow account after all property taxes have been paid to the appropriate taxing units be carried over to the next tax year? Do the exclusions for fleet transactions, sales to dealers, and subsequent sales apply to leases and rentals?

If the same auction house is used by a company to sell all of its used equipment, is this considered a fleet sale? What is considered heavy equipment? Can we treat all attachments sold or rented with heavy equipment as heavy equipment?

Is a dealer who does not owe property tax because the dealer was not in business on Jan. My taxes are too high. Can I protest my taxes? My value is not right, can I come in and speak to an appraiser?

How do I file a protest? When will I get notice of the scheduled hearings? What information will I get before my hearing? When I file a protest will I receive the evidence used in determining the value of my property? When will I receive the evidence? Can I request the current year evidence through a Public Information Request and get it in 10 days? If I want to bring in sales as part of my evidence, which sales and what timeframe should I research?

Can I come in and meet with someone without an appointment? Can I reschedule the informal meeting with the appraiser? Can I reschedule my formal hearing with the ARB? What do I do to request my second reschedule for the formal hearing?

What if after speaking with the appraiser we cannot agree on a value? What are the ARB's Duties? What is a formal hearing before the ARB? Where are ARB hearings conducted? What happens if I do not come to the formal hearing?

What do I bring to the hearing? Can I present my evidence on my computer or other electronic device? How long does a hearing with the ARB take? Will the district arrange for a deaf interpreter for me? Is going before the ARB like going to Court? Do i need to appear in person?

Can I get a list of all sales? Can someone else represent me? What form of documentation will the ARB accept for the hearing? How do I prepare for a Protest hearing? Can I get a copy of the appraisal roll? Can I get appraisal roll information as electronic data? Can I get a copy of maps? Can I get electronic shape files? Will GIS data give me ownership and value information? What is the Public Information Act? How do I submit a request for Public Information?

Does the District have to create information that I ask for? Can I submit a request to have some questions answered? Is all the information at the district available through the Public Information Act? Will I be charged for my request? How will I know how much my request will cost? What is the website for eFile? I have multiple properties with different Owner IDs, can I register them with one account? I registered multiple in the past, can I consolidate those properties now?

I did not receive a confirmation Email, what do I do? What will happen if I wait until the deadline to file? Can I have an informal hearing with an appraiser after I have started the eFile protest? Can I have an Appraisal Review Board formal hearing?

What do I do? I logged in but there is no property shown, what do I do? I sent in a paper notice that I wanted to protest my property. Can I change my mind and eFile? I did not send in a request for protest, what can I do?

Why did I receive session has expired error message? I cannot enter all the information in 20 minutes, what can I do? I forgot my password? I mis-typed my email when I registered or do not have access to the Email account, how do I change my Email?

What is the physical address? What is the fax number? We accept US mail, Email and hand delivery. What is the mailing address?

What are Property Taxes? When are my taxes due? What is a general homestead exemption? Will the homestead protect me in case of a lawsuit? No other exceptions will be considered by the chief appraiser. Will the appraisal district accept a notarized certificate of occupancy as proof of residence for the homestead exemption?

Will I get notification that my application has been approved? I need help filing out my homestead? I am a homeowner with disabilities what help is available to me?

What do I have to do to get my name and address off the appraisal district website? Can you give me an address for my new property? If you purchased a property that will be split after January 1st, then the ownership will not be updated until the following calendar year. The minimum requirement for grazing stock is 4 animal units. A grazing livestock animal unit equals; 1 mature cow; 2 five-hundred pound calves; 6 sheep; 7 goats, or 1 mature horse.

If you only had cows, you would need a total of 4 mature ones. If you only had goats, you would need twenty-eight. A combination such as 2 cows, and 12 sheep would be four animal units. Another example is 1 cow, 2 calves, 6 sheep and 7 goats which would be equal to the required number of 4 animal units.

An Ag Rollback Tax is an additional Tax that is imposed when a property owner ceases to use the property for qualified Agricultural purposes and changes the use to any other purpose excluding building a house for a personal homestead. The Rollback Tax recoups the tax the owner would have paid if his or her land had been taxed at Market Value for the years covered in the Rollback generally five years. No, the owner will not receive an Ag Rollback Tax if he or she intends to homestead that property up to 20 acres and maintains that homestead for 5 years.

A rendition is a form that provides the appraisal district with the description, location, cost and acquisition dates for business personal property that you own. The appraisal district uses the information to help estimate the market value of your property for taxation purposes. You may email completed renditions to: Renditions must be filed by both owners of tangible personal property that is used for the production of income and owners of tangible personal property on which an exemption has been cancelled or denied.

No, if you were in business on January 1st, you owe taxes for the year. Business owners are required by State law to render business personal property that is used in a business or used to produce income. This property includes furniture and fixtures, equipment, machinery, computers, inventory held for sale or rental, raw materials, finished goods, and work in progress.

You are not required to render intangible personal property property that can be owned but does not have a physical form such as cash, accounts receivable, goodwill, application computer software, and similar items. If your organization has previously qualified for an exemption that applies to personal property, for example, a religious or charitable organization exemption, you are not required to render the exempt property.

The forms are available on the district website in the forms section or at the TCAD office. The last day to file your rendition is April 1st annually. The online or email versions must be submitted by April 1st, or if you mail your rendition, it must be postmarked by the U. Postal Service on or before April 1st. This year the 1st is on a Sunday so the deadline is moved to April 2nd. You will not receive a notification if you want to be sure your rendition is received send the document certified.

We cannot give you specific directions for completing your rendition. If you are unsure of what to include you may attach a list of assets, purchase price and year of purchase to your rendition.

Step-by-step information is available on our website including a video at: Attach these records to the rendition, sign and date it and then return it to our office. Include asset listings with the date of acquisition and original cost. All assets owned by the business must be rendered. On the first page of the rendition, Step 3 affirm that the prior year rendition correct, or complete and accurate.

Information contained in a rendition cannot be disclosed to third parties except in very limited circumstances. In addition, the Texas Property Tax Code specifically provides that any estimate of value you provide is not admissible in proceedings other than a protest to the Appraisal Review Board ARB or court proceedings related to penalties for failure to render.

The final value we place on your property is public information, but your rendition is not. Your rendition will be analyzed along with other information we collect on similar businesses, to develop an estimate of value for your property. To determine original cost, refer to your accounting records, such as original journal entries and account ledgers. Use original purchase documents, such as invoices or purchase orders to determine the original cost of the asset.

Add all costs attributed to getting the asset functioning, such as freight and set-up cost. The law provides for an extension of time to file a rendition. In order to receive the extension, you must submit the request to the Travis Central Appraisal District in writing or by email before the April 1st rendition filing deadline.

With the receipt of a timely extension request, the rendition filing deadline will be extended to May 1st. Your request for penalty waiver has not been approved. Possible reasons for the denial are that you were granted a waiver in a previous year or you did not attach a rendition to the waiver request.

You may email to: Yes, the sales price includes the sales tax. The sales price of heavy equipment is defined in Section Write your answer here. It depends on how the transaction is written. If the cost of warranties is set up as a separate transaction, then it is not part of the sales price of the heavy equipment. An appraisal district can check to see if the person has a Texas sales tax permit. A dealer engaged in business in Texas that sells or leases heavy equipment must be permitted to collect state and local sales tax since these are taxable transactions for sales tax purposes.

Yes, a heavy equipment dealer is required to render all tangible personal property used for the production of income, as required by Section See also Section The more difficult question here is not whether they are required to render, but whether they are required to render the inventory that is otherwise appraised under Section It seems that chief appraisers have not been requiring those dealers to render their inventory, but have been considering the declaration they are required to file to meet the rendition requirement.

Nonetheless, there is nothing specific in the Tax Code which exempts inventory owners from the rendition requirements. The form provides that the dealer who was not in business for the entire 12 month period reports the months in business. For these sales, leases and rentals, the dealer will report the unit property tax for that heavy equipment. No, excess funds are carried over to the next tax year. A new provision allows a heavy equipment dealer to apply for a refund of prepaid taxes on a sale that is a fleet transaction sale of five or more items of heavy equipment in one calendar year.

This is the only provision for returning money in an escrow account to a heavy equipment dealer. No, these exclusions all deal with sales of heavy equipment; therefore, they do not apply to leases and rentals.

In some cases, however, an auction company is not taking ownership of the heavy equipment but is handling the sales transaction for the dealer. So, the final answer will depend on the arrangements between the dealer and the auction company. Yes, the heavy equipment and attachments are sold or rented as one transaction with a total sales price. Some dealers have parts departments that the dealer renders and the appraisal district appraises as regular inventory under Tax Code Section Changes to Section This line item should appear on all invoices.

The dealer files the monthly statements each month that the dealer is in business. It appears that the Legislature failed to correct the language in this subsection to reflect changes to include leases or rentals.

An exception is Section No, the appraisal district determines value and has no control over the tax rates or resulting tax bill. Yes, when you file your protest you will receive an appointment for an informal meeting with an appraiser. The deadline to file a protest was changed by the Texas legislature to May 15th. You must notify the district in writing on or before May 15th that you wish to protest your property value or no later than 30 days after the Appraisal District mails a Notice of Appraised Value to you, whichever is later.

However if the protest deadline falls on a weekend or holiday then the protest deadline is the first business day after that date. It is very important to file the protest on time. It must also bear a post office cancellation mark by midnight May 15th.

The Texas Comptroller provides a form to submit the protest, form ; however you do not have to use the form. If you do not use the form be sure to include the owners name, address and Property Identification Number.

Submit your protest by: At least 15 days before the Formal Hearing. The district will send you a copy of Property Taxpayer's Remedies a publication of the State Comptroller's Office , a copy of the ARB hearing procedures, and a statement that you have the right to inspect the information that the Appraisal District plans to introduce at your hearing. If you wish to request an "evidence packet" you can do so when you file your protest.

There is a check box for evidence on the protest form. If you are not using the protest form, you must write on the document that you request the evidence. The district will present you with the evidence when you come in for your informal meeting with an appraiser.

If you choose to not have an informal meeting with an appraiser, the district will send the evidence by US mail at least 14 days prior to your hearing.

No, the evidence is not available until you file the protest. TCAD is looking for the best evidence so sales closer to the appraisal date within 6 months are best. Sales should be similar to your home with respect to location, age, condition, quality, and size.

Sales should be adjusted like a fee appraiser adjusts based on the application of generally accepted appraisal methods and techniques. TCAD reserves the right to decline the use of sales which are not comparable to your property. In the past, you may have been able to walk in and speak with an appraiser without an appointment, but in order to provide efficient customer service to the taxpayers, the district sets appointments.

However, Tuesday between the hours of Meetings are held on a "first come, first served" basis, there is no guarantee you will have an informal that day, and you must arrive on a Tuesday prior to your scheduled ARB formal hearing date. No informal hearings are heard on, or after, he date of the formal Appraisal Review Board hearing. No, but you may come in to the district office Tuesdays between the hours of No informal meetings are heard on, or after, the date of the formal Appraisal Review Board hearing.

You may reschedule your formal hearing with the ARB one time without cause. As provided by Tax Code Section If your second reschedule is granted by the ARB Chairperson you will be required to submit an affidavit which can be found on the district website at www. Examples of good cause are: The ARB is a separate authoritative body. To qualify for service on the ARB, an individual must be a resident of the Appraisal District for at least two years prior to taking office.

Any person who is a former member of the governing body or officer or employee of a taxing unit, or is a former director, officer, or employee of the Appraisal District is ineligible to serve. Also the person's close relatives cannot work as professional tax agents or tax appraisers within the Appraisal District. ARB members also must comply with special conflict of interest laws.

The ARB determines taxpayer protests and taxing unit challenges. The ARB also determines if the Chief Appraiser has granted or denied exemptions and agricultural appraisals properly. The ARB's decisions are binding only for the year in question. The ARB begins protest hearings around June 1. Under the law, the ARB has these specific duties: Determine protests initiated by property owners;Determine challenges initiated by taxing units;Correct clerical errors in the appraisal records and the appraisal rolls;Act on motions to correct appraisal rolls under section If you are not able to resolve the protest informally with an appraiser, your protest will be heard by the Appraisal Review Board ARB.

The ARB is a group of citizens who are authorized to resolve disputes between Appraisal Districts and taxpayers. A hearing before the ARB is conducted very much like a court case, although less formal.

Generally, ARB panels are three-member panels, but may be more. Typically, after formal introduction of the parties and the property involved, the ARB will hear evidence from the property owner and the Appraisal District and make a judgment based on the evidence presented.

Each party, the property owner and the Appraisal District appraiser, will have approximately minutes to present their case and evidence at the hearing. After a decision is made by the ARB panel and approved by a quorum of the entire Board, a written Notice of Final Order is sent by certified mail to you or your agent. This decision is binding for the current tax year unless you file under binding arbitration or appeal to District Court.

The hearing letter you receive will have specific instructions regarding location of your hearing. Your property protest is dismissed. You may request that the ARB chairperson reopen the hearing by sending a letter within 4 days of the dismissal citing the "good cause" reason for failure to appear. Bring the barcode ticket you received with your hearing letter. This will expedite the check in process. Also bring any information that you want to present to support the value you think is correct.

The ARB requests you bring 5 sets of evidence to the formal hearing. If you do not bring copies of the evidence, the district provides self-service copy machines for your use at your own expense. Yes, the evidence must be saved to a device that can be accessed by the district and printed.

The preferred device is a device that can be accessed via a USB port. Please send the request to hr traviscad. It is less formal but testimony is taken under oath. The proceedings are recorded and the documents presented at the hearing are saved and stored. You have four choices: MAke sure that you read you hearing notification carefully for the correct date and time of your scheduled hearing. Please arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled hearing to check in; 2 You can appoint someone else to appear for your; 3 You can file an affidavit stating your facts and presentation by mail; or 4 You can arrange a hearing by phone.

Taxpayers who have protested his or her property value are entitled to the sales used to value his or her property but no other sales information.

Yes, if the person you are authorizing is not a co-owner you must provide written authorization, signed by you, the property owner, naming the person to represent you. This includes spouses that are not on the deed. This authorization should include identification of the property.

The person you select should be able to discuss the property from personal knowledge. This form should be filed in advance of the hearing, but may be brought to the hearing for cases of unforeseen need. If you authorize someone besides a family member or friend i. To authorize a person who is paid to represent you, you must use a special Appointment of Agent form.

This form is available from the Appraisal District. The person you select should be able to discuss the property from personal knowledge and should file the form as soon as possible. At the very least, the person must bring the appropriate form to the ARB hearing. The affidavit and supporting documents must be received by the ARB before the scheduled hearing date. Delivering them to our office in person is best. If you mail them, it is a good idea to send them return receipt requested.

Be sure to mail them in plenty of time and be sure the address is correct. The affidavit must state that you swear or affirm that the information it contains is true.

Be sure to clearly place in the affidavit or a cover letter, the property owner's name, address, account number, property description, and the date and time of the hearing. By law, a copy of all evidence submitted to the ARB must be retained for public record; therefore, paper is preferred.

It is helpful to bring 5 copies of the evidence- one for each of the panel members, one for the appraiser, and one for ourself. You may bring evidence on a digital device with USB connectivity. No evidence presented by phone or Internet will be accepted. You will receive a copy of the Texas Comptrollers Property Taxpayer Remedies pamphlet with your notice of protest hearing letter.

This pamphlet offers advice on how to prepare for an ARB hearing. In addition, you will receive a copy of the ARB Formal Hearing Procedures which will explain the procedures to be used in a hearing. The appraisal district website is one resource you may use in preparing for your hearing.

Yes, upon a request the Appraisal District can provide PDF copies of the appraisal roll by property type, subdivision, zip code, and several other predefined criteria.

Please contact the Records Coordinator for a list of predefined criteria. Additional criteria for PDF creation may be requested but will incur programming and manipulation charges.

The entire appraisal roll data for Travis County is provided only as an electronic data set. Only the full appraisal roll extract is provided as an electronic data set. Users with novice database abilities may import the data into a database program and further filter to suit his or her specific criteria. Contact the Records Coordinator for a file layout or to make a request at recmgr tcadcentral. Yes, most maps are available on our website.

If you need paper copies, they may be purchased in our Customer Service department. No, the GIS information is strictly mapping information. For appraisal roll information you will need to purchase the electronic appraisal roll data along with the GIS shape file. You may send a request to: Public Information is information that is collected, assembled, or maintained under a law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business: The term is defined in Section You may submit a written request by electronic mail to recmgr tcadcentral.

In order to ensure that your request will be processed without delay, we ask that your request be as specific as possible. Please include contact information so that we may reach you if we need clarification and we know where to send the information. No, the request must be for information that already exists.

The Public Information Act does not require a governmental body to create new records or conduct research. No, the Public Information Act does not require a governmental body to answer questions. Although the Act makes most government information available to the public, some exceptions exist. If the district believes an exception applies to the requested information, within ten business days of receiving the request, the district will request an opinion from the Office of the Attorney General OAG.

If the OAG rules that an exception applies, the governmental body will not release the information. If a governmental body improperly fails to release information, the Act authorizes the requestor or the OAG to file a civil lawsuit to compel the governmental body to release the information. Subchapter F of the Public Information Act, section All charges must be calculated in accordance with the promulgated by the attorney general under section

Travis County Regulations

Sumitomo Chemical buys Hitachi Metals' compound semiconductor materials business.

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TCAD may use a later beginning date if enough sales are available to value properties in a neighborhood or go back further in time up to two years if sales are not plentiful.

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