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Marktwährungen der im Fonds enthaltenen Firmen. Diese Tabelle zeigt die „Hauptwährung“ der im Index enthaltenen Firmen. Apple beispielsweise rechnet in Dollar ab, obwohl die Firma natürlich weltweit operiert und selbstverständlich große Beträge an Fremdwährung erhält und ausgibt.

The yen was legally defined as 0. The same amount of silver is worth about modern yen, [13] while the same amount of gold is worth about yen. Following the silver devaluation of , the yen devalued against the U. The sen and the rin were eventually taken out of circulation at the end of No true exchange rate existed for the yen between December 7, , and April 25, ; wartime inflation reduced the yen to a fraction of its pre-war value.

After a period of instability, on April 25, , the U. By , the yen had become undervalued. Japanese exports were costing too little in international markets, and imports from abroad were costing the Japanese too much.

The belief that the yen, and several other major currencies, were undervalued motivated the United States' actions in Following the United States' measures to devalue the dollar in the summer of , the Japanese government agreed to a new, fixed exchange rate as part of the Smithsonian Agreement , signed at the end of the year. However, the new fixed rates of the Smithsonian Agreement were difficult to maintain in the face of supply and demand pressures in the foreign-exchange market.

In early , the rates were abandoned, and the major nations of the world allowed their currencies to float. In the s, Japanese government and business people were very concerned that a rise in the value of the yen would hurt export growth by making Japanese products less competitive and would damage the industrial base.

The government therefore continued to intervene heavily in foreign-exchange marketing buying or selling dollars , even after the decision to allow the yen to float. During the first half of the s, the yen failed to rise in value even though current account surpluses returned and grew quickly.

The rise in the current account surplus generated stronger demand for yen in foreign-exchange markets, but this trade-related demand for yen was offset by other factors.

A wide differential in interest rates , with United States interest rates much higher than those in Japan, and the continuing moves to deregulate the international flow of capital , led to a large net outflow of capital from Japan.

This capital flow increased the supply of yen in foreign-exchange markets, as Japanese investors changed their yen for other currencies mainly dollars to invest overseas. This kept the yen weak relative to the dollar and fostered the rapid rise in the Japanese trade surplus that took place in the s. In , a dramatic change began. Finance officials from major nations signed an agreement the Plaza Accord affirming that the dollar was overvalued and, therefore, the yen undervalued.

This agreement, and shifting supply and demand pressures in the markets, led to a rapid rise in the value of the yen. In April , the yen hit a peak of under 80 yen per dollar, temporarily making Japan's economy nearly the size of the US. However, this trend of depreciation reversed after the global economic crisis of Other major currencies, except the Swiss franc , have been declining relative to the yen.

The amount of purchases is so large that it is expected to double the money supply. But this move has sparked concerns that the authorities in Japan are deliberately devaluing the yen in order to boost exports.

Coins were introduced in There were silver 5-, , and sen and 1-yen, and gold 2-, 5-, and yen. Cupronickel 5-sen coins were introduced in In , cupro-nickel sen coins were introduced. Production of silver coins ceased in , after which a variety of base metals were used to produce 1-, 5- and sen coins during the Second World War. Clay 5- and sen coins were produced in , but not issued for circulation.

After the war, brass sen, 1- and 5-yen were introduced between and In , the current type of holed 5-yen was introduced, followed by bronze yen of the type still in circulation in In , the current type of aluminium 1-yen was introduced, along with unholed, nickel yen. In , silver yen pieces were introduced. These were replaced in , by the current cupro-nickel type, along with the holed yen coin. In , the first yen coins were introduced.

Because of this high face value , the yen coin has been a favorite target for counterfeiters; it was counterfeited to such an extent, that in , a new series of coins was issued with various security features, but counterfeiting continued. On various occasions, commemorative coins are minted, often in gold and silver with face values up to , yen. Recently this practice is undertaken with the yen coin, the first two types were issued in , in commemoration of the science and technology exposition in Tsukuba and the th anniversary of the Governmental Cabinet system.

The current commemorative and yen coin series honouring the 47 prefectures of Japan commenced in , with 47 unique designs planned for each denomination. Only one coin per customer is available from banks in each prefecture. Even though all commemorative coins can be spent like ordinary non-commemorative coins, they are not seen often in typical daily use and normally do not circulate.

Instead of displaying the Gregorian calendar year of mintage like most nations' coins, yen coins instead display the year of the current emperor's reign. For example, a coin minted in , would bear the date Heisei 21 the 21st year of Emperor Akihito 's reign. Due to the great differences in style, size, weight and the pattern present on the edge of the coin they are very easy for people with visual impairments to tell apart from one another. The issuance of the yen banknotes began in , two years after the currency was introduced.

Throughout its history, the denominations have ranged from 10 yen to 10, yen. The Allied forces also issued some notes shortly after the war. Since then, the Bank of Japan has been the exclusive note issuing authority. The bank has issued five series after World War II. The EURion constellation pattern is present in the designs. Beginning in December , Japan gradually shifted from the gold standard system to the managed currency system.

The relative value of the yen is determined in foreign exchange markets by the economic forces of supply and demand. The supply of the yen in the market is governed by the desire of yen holders to exchange their yen for other currencies to purchase goods , services , or assets.

The demand for the yen is governed by the desire of foreigners to buy goods and services in Japan and by their interest in investing in Japan buying yen-denominated real and financial assets. Since the s, the Bank of Japan, the country's central bank, has kept interest rates low in order to spur economic growth. Short-term lending rates have responded to this monetary relaxation and fell from 3. This has helped to keep the value of the yen low compared to other currencies.

The percental composition of currencies of official foreign exchange reserves from to The SDR is linked to a basket of currencies with The exchange rate for the Japanese yen is expressed in terms of currency units per U. The SDR currency value is calculated daily and the valuation basket is reviewed and adjusted every five years. The SDR was created in , to support the fixed exchange system. The table below shows the monthly average of the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Von Caps für Länder oder Sektoren konnte ich zwar nichts lesen, aber die Verteilung scheint schon relativ ausgeglichen.

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