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TigerDirect Business is your one-stop-shop for everything related to computers and electronics. Browse our gigantic selection of deals on PCs, networking gear, computer accessories, consumer electronics and . We are converters and manufacturers of foam and foam products servicing the following industries among others: beds and mattresses, sport, automotive, household, outdoor, leisure, hospitality, institutions (schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) and packaging.

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Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

Improving our cooling systems by using our biggest renewable: A safety device that protects fleets by preventing collisions before they occur. The business consequence is that social businesses — new and old — are now seeing a more fertile investment environment. Callisto provides women with a platform to report unwanted sexual contact and seek support in their own time.

Jupiter , Callisto , Flow Neuroscience. The most impactful difference we can all make to saving the planet from its current resource decline is to find pseudo replacements to hard-wired, human habits. Each year — some technology is hailed as the breakthrough to next generation innovation — but often 12 months later to be replaced by a shinier toy — whilst staying stuck within trials and pilots.

Machine learning and natural language processing are now integral technologies that are making real changes to improving processes. Importantly, it is already being used in hospitals — demonstrating that it is new technology that can meet an immediate need.

Sophia Genetics , CallSign , Textio. Aldous Huxley fans are now seeing unthinkable science impacting their lives — at home and in the workplace. Although the race to space is now over 50 years old — the impact of this learning is now being realised. Zero Mass Water uses solar panels turn air into drinking water — a solution that could provide the world with safer drinking water. Autumn Bryan is the Head of Agency Strategy and Insights at Google UK, partnering with the agency community to help them make the most of the web on behalf of their clients.

Starting her career in professional sports working in Events and Marketing for the Seattle Mariners, Autumn moved on to spend 10 years in the digital start up world leading business development for MarTech organisations in the US and UK including Techlightenment and Collective.

He previously spent three years as the marketing director at Daft. Sweta is the Managing Director of Startupbootcamp India and a change leader who relentlessly focusses on driving meaningful collaborative innovation in India and across innovation hotbeds across the globe. She carries with her more than a decade of experience in Financial Services and has worked for industry leaders like Citigroup Investment Banking and Reliance Industries Corporate Venture Fund.

She helped set up a couple of corporate accelerators in the past and has been an entrepreneur in the startup advisory space. She has been closely working with digital startups for the last 5 years accelerating ideas into sustainable businesses, particularly focusing on market value proposition, business model and growth strategies. She is passionate about inclusive development and women empowerment across different rungs and strata of the society.

Jo brings a wealth of experience in consumer-facing businesses and in the telecoms and technology industry, both in the UK and internationally. For more information on Trade Triangles, please see MarketClub. Chart confirms that a strong uptrend is in place and that the market remains positive longer term. A triangle indicates the presence of a very strong trend that is being driven by strong forces and insiders.

Chart confirms that a short term counter trend move is underway. When this action is over look for the longer term negative trend to resume. Downtrend with money management stops. Chart shows the current uptrend is at a crossroads and has possibly ended. You replace the sensor and the code quickly comes back. Hmm, must be a bad module! So that gets replaced as well. No one is more surprised than you when the original code comes back.

Well, that leaves the wiring and connectors. You disconnect the harness at the sensor and the module end and check for wiring and connector continuity. Your meter shows zero Ohms resistance. You determine it cannot possibly be the wiring or connectors.

Or could it be? Bayside Body Shop is located in Outer Banks, a region containing about 32, permanent residents. Welcome back to Part 2 of Sensor Testing Secrets.

We trust you were able to use some of the tips to better diagnose vehicle electrical issues with temperature and position sensors. See the article here. As always, our friends at I-CAR provide the collision industry classes and programs that promote safe collision repair and profitable shops.

The vehicle came from another shop. The vehicle came to the shop with the MIL on. The engine seemed to run normally. One of the biggest trade shows in the automotive industry is right around the corner: OEM diagnostic procedures will get you accurate results.

Aaron Stokes is the epitome of the busy and successful entrepreneur. Some of your customers will soon experience their child leaving for college. In many of these cases, these young adults are taking the family car with them.

August is National Brake Safety Month, so now is the time to emphasize the importance of brake maintenance to your customers. You completed all your classes. International Marketing Research, Inc. A Star Wars Story releasing on May 25, the fans are getting treated to a plethora of geekdom in the form of memorabilia, interviews and grand scale activations. Maaco of Regina, Canada has undergone an extreme makeover, taking a shine to improving its customer service and business operations. This changed for General Manager Joe Cardiff.

No electrical power was available in the vehicle. The battery was fully charged. The vehicle was brought to the shop because the MIL was on and the gas mileage was down.

There were no noticeable drivability issues. Spring has sprung, and drivers across the nation are planning their summer roadtrips and vacations. They look forward to driving to far away mountains, lakes, and beaches just to enjoy the summer heat far from home. The Mobile Air Conditioning Society MACS has been tracking refrigerant use by vehicle manufacturers for quite some time and, as expected for the model year, we have seen a few more manufacturers choose to change over a few or even all of their US offerings to use the new refrigerant HFOyf.

Richard Kniesel opened his first collision shop in Citrus Heights, Calif. It was an expansion of his mechanical repair business and the beginning of an enterprise that would touch customers and the surrounding community for the next 50 years and counting. The engine would intermittently crank over but not start. Once started, it would also stall. For many of you this is old news. A growing issue shops face is the increasing cost of the research and documentation to certify they have repaired the car to OE specifications.

After replacing the battery, the customer noticed the rear suspension was lower than normal. The customer complained the right low beam headlight was burnt out. He replaced it but the headlamp still inoperative. This vehicle had erratic gauge and warning light operation and the HVAC controls only worked intermittently. Additionally, the fuel level gauge was inoperative. The power lift gate hatch will intermittently unlock and open when shifted into Reverse. The Internet was a waste of time, the diagnostic trouble-tree led to a dead end, and your fellow techs are no help.

This is when most techs should look to a hotline to help solve the mystery. Who ya gonna call? As Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc throughout the Texas and Florida regions, they left a tremendous amount of destruction and debris in their wake—including nearly 1 million damaged. The vehicle came in to the shop because the HVAC blower was not working. P and P present. The technician stated that this truck has melted four TIPMs in the last four months and the customer just brought it back complaining that the parking lamps do not operate correctly with his trailer connected.

The truck came to the shop because it was hesitating, stumbling and bogging on acceleration. The battery went dead overnight. The owner tried to jump start the vehicle but the engine would not crank over.

It was towed to the shop. The engine stays running with the key off. The malfunction indicator light is on with 38 DTCs present:. This vehicle came in to the shop with the antilock brake warning indicator on. The technician connected a scan tool and pulled the codes listed below. They test drove the vehicle and confirmed that the brakes would intermittently lockup.

I would like to become a neurosurgeon. It looks like fun, and I hear it pays well. And besides, I love automotive diagnostics almost as much as I think I would love neurosurgery. Automotive technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, not just under the hood, but throughout the entire vehicle. And it works with all three major estimating systems. When trying to start the engine, the starter momentarily engaged then stopped. The vehicle was brought to the shop because the MIL was on and the engine ran rough and stalled.

The technician checked the fuel pressure and it was within factory specifications. He also retrieved the numerous DTCs listed below. The engine will crank but not start. For folks across the country, including your customers, that means a road trip could be in the works. Still thinking about it? When applying the brakes with doors closed and engine running, the dash and speedometer lamps dim.

The problem does not occur when the brake pedal is released. The customer reported that the ABS light was on. The brakes seemed to operate normally. There were no DTCs. She even has her own Tedx Talk. In this Fixed Ops article, Eric Shultz addresses what you need to know about refrigerant Ryf, which has entered the U. WIN is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, developing, and cultivating opportunities to attract women to the field of collision repair while recognizing excellence, promoting leadership, and fostering a network among the women who are shaping the industry.

The engine in this van had been replaced by another shop and the MIL was on. They had replaced the spark plugs and installed new coils but the misfires continued.

The vehicle was brought to the shop because the emissions monitors kept resetting and the engine intermittently stalled. This vehicle came in to the shop because the engine ran rough and there was a strange smell coming from the exhaust. The transmission was also shifting harshly into each gear.

Having a dedicated, solid service writer is key to the growth and success of any repair shop. He or she is the point person — the one who is on top of everything, knows where all the vehicles are, when the parts are arriving, when the technicians are going on break and what time each customer is picking up.

Really… they do it all. We need to step away from negotiating a repair based on opinion and desire, to educating how a repair should be accomplished using OEM processes. The customer brought the car to the shop because, after starting the car, the TPMS light would flash for a minute then stay on continually.

This would happen every drive cycle. The vehicle had stock steel wheels and hubcaps. The customer brought his car to the shop because he noticed a significant loss of power and the malfunction indicator Light MIL was ON. The malfunction indication light was OFF. If the engine speed was held over rpm, the engine would stay running.

April is the optimum time to remind your customers to get their cars ready for spring driving, summer road trips, and to deal with any lingering issues they might have put off over the winter months. The vehicle came in because the MIL was on.

Negotiating between customers and insurance companies can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. The vehicle had been in a rear-end collision and the front bumper was damaged as well. The car was a sublet from a body shop after they did repairs because the radio, turn signals, low beams and the low-speed wipers were inoperative. The steering column switches and front ECU had already been replaced.

The park assist system was inoperative. There was also no audio warning when the vehicle was in close proximity to objects in front of it. Do you take care of them? Or are they sore and beat up from so much grime, repetitive motion, and often freezing temperatures? Here are some suggestions for treating your hands with the same respect and consideration that you show the most expensive tools in your collection. This vehicle came to the shop because the starter would stay engaged for seconds after the engine started and the MIL was illuminated.

The vehicle was brought to the shop with the MIL on and a rough running concern. Another shop has already replaced the plugs, air filter and fuel filter, which did not fix the problem. For the independent shop owner, the biggest competition for their business may not be the mom and pop shop down the street, but the OE dealers in their area.

Getting organized is one of those things most of us have resolved to do at multiple points, both in our careers and personal lives. This vehicle came to the shop because the engine would crank but not start and the MIL was on. The MIL malfunction indicator light was on. The owner brought the vehicle in because the MIL was on and the engine was running rough. The reason for all the buzz? We unveiled a new technology platform — with all the bells and whistles. This being the 50 th anniversary of SEMA, they really pulled out all the stops to make it the most memorable ever.

This vehicle came to the shop for hesitation and poor acceleration. The ALLDATA team looks forward to seeing you and sharing market-leading solutions that help shops save time, enhance profitability, and improve efficiency, including:.

Mike Anderson of Collision Advice is renowned for his collision industry experience and data-driven approach to shop operations, management, and collision diagnostics and repair. The vehicle would go into limp-in mode anytime there was a load on the engine. The vehicle was brought in because the engine intermittently hesitated and bogged on acceleration. The problem had occurred only three times before. During the early years of my career, I noticed that many dealership owners or general managers thought the service department was just a necessary expense that was required by the manufacturer.

Was the service department included? Drive Rite Automotive owner Hari Dhiwali is a man with a plan. And that plan involves utilizing technology and prioritizing the customer to deliver outstanding repair experiences. Drive Rite is located in Northern California. This vehicle was brought to the shop with the Malfunction Indication Lamp on. All of the radio lights were on but no sound was coming from the speakers. It keeps business owners and managers up at night.

That problem is trying to hire and retain top-notch, qualified employees. Whether you run a high-tech software company or a three-bay garage in rural America, many of the challenges are the same. With a scan tool, the technician checked activation status in the power lift gate module to see if module was receiving a signal when a switch was pressed handle switch, interior swit.

The customer noted that all of the exterior lights were inoperative, the windshield wipers would begin at any time without being activated by the switch and the instrument cluster would intermittently stop working. Vehicle was towed in to the shop for a no-start condition ever since the vehicle was jump-started from another vehicle.

According to the vehicle owner, the battery was not jumped backwards. There was no flash and no arching marks visible on the battery terminals. Read on for more myths and the truth about business-related Facebook pages.

The customer brought the truck in because of a long delay when engaging transmission into first gear after sitting overnight. Vehicle came into the shop with a crank, no-start problem. The malfunction indicator lamp was not illuminated.

The customer brought the car in because the front brakes were smoking. The technician put the car on the rack and confirmed that the front brakes were locked-up and the front brake system was badly damaged.

The customer brought the vehicle in because the power window, sunroof and mirrors were not working. All three stopped working at the same time. The company has grown to cover 95 percent of the OEM market, providing accurate, updated information to more than 80, customers. The customer stated that, no matter how low or full the tank was or how much fuel they added, the engine would crank but not start.

If they let the car sit for a few minutes, the engine would start normally and run fine. The malfunction indicator light was not illuminated. The vehicle came in because the left turn signals were flashing faster than the right. All the bulbs seemed to be working. Mobile and cloud-based technologies offer new flexibility, efficiency and revenue opportunities to auto repair shops.

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If you haven't picked your favorite authors and stories, now would be a great time. The policy, announced in , highlighted 10 sectors for support on the way to China becoming an advanced manufacturing power:

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Video by Scott Stein January 7, 9: Also, the dash lights remained on with the key off.

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