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All About German Shepherd Dog Registration.

Bezahlen can still be transitive when the object is not a person, as in die Rechnung bezahlen. – chirlu Jun 27 '13 at I also think you hit the nail on the head when you say you can always use bezahlen but you can't zahlen if the object is a person. – äüö Jun 28 '13 at Currently the only way to get pink papers on a US born German Shepherd Dog is for the breeder of the litter to submit registration to the USA office. First a notice of mating card is sent to the USA office, listing the sire and dam of the expected litter, signed by the owner of the pair. The registration process includes several visits to the breeders kennel after the puppies are whelped, by a.

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Fortunately, even those who cause the damage sometimes come to realize this, because they have to pay out huge sums in the courts. What we are talking about is a means of investing resources to create new jobs, instead of continuing to pay out to the large oil companies. I think it an impertinence that you want to pay for this out of public funds!

And because the government would be funding it, it would be co-branding these services. The equation will not be met, though, if money is not going to be spent. If the debtor pays in accordance with the notification, the debtor is discharged only to the extent of the part or undivided interest paid.

Synonyms Synonyms German for "bezahlen": German abdrücken ausgeben berappen bestreiten blechen entrichten finanzieren Geld in die Hand nehmen hinblättern in die Tasche greifen löhnen zahlen. Context sentences Context sentences for "Bezahlen" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

German -überschritten ist jedoch die MWST zu bezahlen. German Man lässt die Menschen eine Gebühr bezahlen , die auf belasteten Strassen fahren.

German Es wäre unangemessen, die Bürger ihre eigene Überwachung selbst bezahlen zu lassen. German Nach allem, was bisher geschehen ist, lohnt es sich, diesen Preis zu bezahlen. German Nun wäre es auch für dieses Land Zeit zu bezahlen , so wie wir alle bezahlt haben. German Sie bezahlen für die Meilen, und etwas davon geht ab an den Automobilhersteller.

Wandertag to Lough Crew 8th class. Northern Ireland Trip Year Please indicate the amount you wish to pay. Input total amount payable. Classes 3 to 6. Administration fee for your child to be put on St Kilians waiting list.

The processing of personal data to the extent necessary for the provision of services set out in this DPA by Feepay Ltd to the Client Organisation. Such processing as is necessary to enable Feepay Ltd to comply with its obligations and exercise its rights under this DPA, including collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure, or destruction.

Personal data provided to Feepay Ltd by or on behalf of the Client Organisation, including personal data provided directly to Feepay Ltd by a data subject or third party: The personal data processed under this DPA will include;.

Specific to the Organisation. Sometimes, there is a difference in register; otherwise, it is often a matter of personal taste when to use which. However, there are some cases where a more-or-less clear difference exists. Sie macht lieber alles selbst, statt einen Handwerker zu bezahlen. If the person is not the recipient of the payment, but the item that is being paid for, i.

Ist die Waschmaschine bezahlt? As far as I know, the prefix be- is used on verbs that are born as intransitive to make them transitive. So, in the case of zahlen, you would say:.

That is a tough one, I find me using it interchangeably. However there seems to be a somewhat directed preference:. I would state it as bezahlen expresses the intent and the process of paying. Whilst zahlen only states the intent. The first sentence inquires the intent. The second sentence signals the intent and the payment immediately after. You can also say, ich bezahle die Miete, I pay up the rent, that is, I pay money to satisfy the rent.

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So, when to use bezahlen and when zahlen? In many cases, zahlen and bezahlen mean the same and may be used interchangeably: Bezahlen may be used to indicate completion:

"Bezahlen" English translation

In a comparative study of voting premiums across companies in 18 countries, Nenova concludes that the legal environment was the key factor in explaining differences across countries and that the voting premium is smaller in countries with better legal protection for minority and non-voting stockholders and larger for countries without such protection.

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These breed values would then be purely for the breeders' information in their breeding plans.

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