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First, you must understand what a cluster is in Oracle. A cluster is simply a method for storing more then 1 table on the same block. Normally -- a block contains data for exactly 1 table. In a cluster -- you have data from many tables sharing the same block. For example -- if you join the data from. A non clustered index is analogous to an index in a data is store in one place. the index is store in another place and the index have pointers to the storage location of the this reason a table have more than 1 Nonclustered index.

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Oracle Database supplies a number of specialized data cartridges to help manage these kinds of complex data. So, if you must create a search engine, or a geographic information system, you can do much of the work simply by creating the right kind of index.

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However, for non-clustered relation, clustering index is not possible unless the index is built on top of the primary key of the relation. Oracle Database Utilities for information about direct path load.

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An index-organized table - in contrast to an ordinary table - has its own way of structuring, storing, and indexing data. Queries and data manipulation statements can involve application-specific operators, like the Overlaps operator in the spatial domain.

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