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Micro Center is an Ohio-based consumer electronics store that has more than 20 brick-and-mortar locations in the United States. In addition to providing name-brand products from major manufacturers like Apple and Lenovo, Micro Center also offers technical support and .

It was the largest J. In , the company acquired Thrift Drug , a chain of drugstores headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It also acquired Supermarkets Interstate , an Omaha -based food retailer which operated leased departments in J.

Penney stores, The Treasury stores, and Thrift Drug stores. On February 12, , James Cash Penney died at the age of Out of respect for his death, the company's stores were closed for the morning of February 16 during his funeral. Penney reached its peak number of stores in , with 2, stores, of which were full-line establishments.

Penney sold its stores in Italy to La Rinascente and also removed its Supermarkets Interstate leased departments. In , the company closed the Treasury discount stores because they were unprofitable and decided to focus resources on its core retail stores. In , the J. In , the Visa card began to be accepted in J. MasterCard was accepted the following year. Penney discontinued its appliance, hardware and auto center departments, and also sold its automotive centers to Firestone.

Also in , J. Penney began selling online through the Viewtron videotex service. The move was considered controversial then, as no other high-end designer up that point in time had licensed their designs to a mid-price retailier such as J. Penney; the line, called Halston III, would not last long, as it would be poorly received and discontinued after about a year.

It would, however, pave the way for other such high-end designers to sell their wares at stores of varying price ranges in the future. With the acquisition of the bank the company became able to issue its own MasterCard and Visa cards. The company also began accepting American Express cards. Also that year, Thrift Drug began co-locating stores with Weis Markets , and acquired many former Pantry Pride properties. In April , the company announced that it was moving its headquarters to Dallas, Texas.

By the mids, all J. Penney stores had discontinued sales of firearms. Before this point, J. Penney carried rifles and shotguns branded as J. Penney but produced by numerous established firearms manufacturers. In , the company broke ground with the new corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas. It was completed in When Sears closed its catalog business in , J.

Penney became the largest catalog retailer in the United States. In , the company expanded its drug store business with the acquisition of Fay's Drug and Kerr Drug. These acquisitions momentum climaxed with acquisition of the Eckerd chain in November.

Fay's, Kerr, and Eckerd merged into J. Penney's drug store subsidiary Thrift Drug. Fay's, most Kerr, and Thrift drug stores were re-branded Eckerd in Kerr Drug stores in The Carolinas remained branded as such because they were part of a group of stores that were divested because of trade competition issues raised during the merger. Penney launched its Internet store. In early , J. Penney closed 44 under-performing stores. On April 14, , J. Penney celebrated years as a retailer.

In , the company opened three off-the-mall stores in strip centers. These stores were located in Texas , Minnesota , and Indiana. This was an attempt to allow the company to focus on the retail business. In , the company added 14 more stores and exited the drug store division after 35 years, with the sale of its Eckerd division. Penney's e-commerce storefront exceeded the one-billion dollar revenue mark for the first time. Penney launched the Ambrielle lingerie label, which became their largest private brand launched in the company's history.

Penney also re-introduced cosmetics with the opening of Sephora "stores-within-a-store" inside some J. Beginning in the store slogan changed from "It's All Inside" to "Every Day Matters"; the new slogan and associated ad campaign was launched in television commercials during the 79th Academy Awards in late February Penney sold off Eckerd in , the locations that continued to operate as Eckerd some locations in the Southern U. Penney Catalog Centers inside the stores which was a carryover from locations that were once Thrift Drug and also continued to accept J.

After Rite Aid finalized its acquisition of Eckerd in , the Catalog Centers inside the soon-to-be-converted stores permanently closed, although as a result of the acquisition, Rite Aid now accepts J.

Penney credit cards, even at Rite Aid locations that existed before the takeover of Eckerd. The launch, which was accompanied by an ad campaign during the Academy Awards, was the company's largest private brand launch. In the summer of , J. Penney also added a new brand to its home collection, "Linden Street. Linden Street is sold exclusively in J. Penney stores and through their website.

Other new exclusive brands for juniors and young men's were launched in the summer of In July , new additions were made to the J. In August , Albert Gonzalez 's defense lawyer announced J. Penney was a victim of the computer hacker , although J. Penney stated that no customers' credit card information had been stolen. Penney had joined Facebook to help promote their "Care, Share, Win" campaign.

Penney on Facebook can help decide which school will receive the next million dollars. Penney reached an agreement with Seattle's Best Coffee to feature full-service cafes within leased departments inside J.

Penney stores across the country. Currently, Seattle's Best Coffee are still expanding cafe locations within J. Penney locations across the country. On January 24, , J. Penney announced it would exit the catalog business and close all 19 of its catalog outlet stores. It was announced on March 17, that this store would be one of the to close. Penney web site's ranking in Google search results, especially during the holiday season. Doug Pierce, an expert in online search , described the optimization as "the most ambitious attempt to game Google's search results that he has ever seen.

Although the retailer denied any involvement, it fired its search engine consulting firm, SearchDex. In June , J. Penney announced that Ron Johnson , who had led Apple retail stores in a period of high growth, became the company's new CEO. Penney sold the 15 remaining catalog outlet stores to SB Capital Group.

These stores will remain open then transition to JC's 5 Star Outlets. Penney announced the acquisition of Penney plans to put "mini-Martha Stewart shops" in many of its stores in , as well as starting a website together.

In January , the company's chief operating officer at the time, Michael Kramer, revealed to The Wall Street Journal that more than 30 percent of the bandwidth of J. Penney's headquarters was used for the viewing of YouTube videos during that month alone. Kramer consequently laid off 1, employees to change the company's workplace culture. On February 1, , J. Penney began a new pricing method, with "Every Day" prices on most days reflecting what used to be sale prices, "Monthly Value" for certain items every month in place of sales, and "Best Price" the first and third Fridays of each month, tied to paydays.

Many managers, supervisors and long-time employees were let go on April 30, In August , J. Penney began rolling out a Shops strategy in stores. The shops are described as stores-within-a-store, planning to eventually roll out shops in stores. At an analyst meeting in New York the same day, Johnson said, "I'm completely convinced that our transformation is on track. Penney's stock rose 5. Fourth quarter sales for J.

Penney, in , were poor. Sales were off Strategic choices made by Johnson a year earlier, including the change in pricing strategy, were being called into question. It was announced in April that Nickelson Wooster would become the creative director for J. On April 8, , Johnson was fired from J.

Penney after 17 months with the company. Mike Ullman, the retailer's former CEO, was announced as his replacement shortly afterwards—the official statement claimed that Ullman was "well-positioned to quickly analyze the situation J.

Penney faces and take steps to improve the company's performance. In August , William A. During my time on the J. Penney Board of Directors, I have always advocated for what I believe to be in the best interests of the Company—its stockholders, employees and others. At this time, I believe that the addition of two new directors and my stepping down from the Board is the most constructive way forward for J. Penney and all other parties involved.

On September 26, , J. Penney, with Goldman Sachs as the sole underwriter , announced plans to issue 84 million shares of its stock. The move stood in contrast with CEO Mike Ullman's remarks from earlier that day, whereby he did not foresee "conditions for the rest of the year that would warrant raising liquidity.

During a November conference call to Wall Street analysts, Ullman announced that JCP is "restoring initial markups necessary to support the return [to a] promotional department store strategy" with "gross margins, currently On December 1, , J.

On January 15, , J. Penney announced it was closing 33 underperforming stores and laying off 2, employees. Penney's stock continued its decline until their first quarter results in showed signs of improvement, and sent the share value back into the double digits. In January , it was announced that J. Penney would close 39 underperforming stores nationwide and layoff 2, employees. In January , J. Penney announced plans to relaunch its business of selling major appliances for kitchens and laundry rooms.

The company moved away from selling major appliances in , but it now plans to return to this business in an effort to target a wave of millennials who are buying first-time homes. Penney launched its Support Center for U.

In February , J. Penney announced that it would shutter two distribution centers and up to underperforming stores as it wrestles with disappointing sales.

The company also plans to offer buyouts for roughly 6, employees. Penney released a list of locations that would close by the end of June Penney will redirect resources to help expand its store-in-store Sephora boutiques, and add Nike and Adidas boutiques, similar to what Macy's has done with Finish Line , Lids and LensCrafters.

At the close of , J. In an effort to capitalize on self-deprecating humor and improve its reputation, J. Penney collaborated with Nicole Richie and other designers to open a "Jacques Penne" pop-up shop in Manhattan during the holiday season.

Earlier in , the company announced it would cut jobs at its stores and corporate headquarters. The company lowered its earnings forecast for the year to 13 cents per share at best, and said it could lose as much as 7 cents.

This is the first time ever in the year history of the company, which started trading on the New York Stock Exchange in , that this has happened. In June , an ad called "Speed Dressing" emerged ending with the J. Penney logo and slogan "Every Day Matters". The ad was criticized for seeming to promote teen sex.

It was entered in the competition by Epoch Films , who declined to comment. Penney logo, [75] originally used from to and reintroduced in Penney logo used from until [76]. Penney introduced its own private brands when some suppliers denied access to the expected inventories. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the department store chain. For its founder, see James Cash Penney.

For the Irish retail chain branded Penneys, see Primark. Clothing cosmetics electronics footwear furniture housewares jewelry appliances.

Penney logo used on a few stores, used from until Dallas-Fort Worth portal Companies portal. Archived from the original on September 23, Third-party marketplaces on sites like Amazon and Walmart are meant to provide consumers with more options, but after a little digging, we found that in many cases, the benefits are overshadowed by what looks like an online version of the Wild West in terms of product pricing.

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The company was founded in and, as of , became the second largest retail sales store in the United States. I contacted online chat immediately, and they said there was no way to cancel the order.

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