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It has an optional second sheet paper tray to handle large volumes or loading different paper sizes simultaneously. You can use the machine for printing needs via the USB interface. Buy Now on Amazon This reliable all-in-one color printer will efficiently serve your small business. It features the big business technology like wireless connectivity, 3. It produces brilliant copies and prints to help your business make an instant positive impression to stand out in the crowd.

It comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime phone support. It prints x dpi and can send documents via email or load photos directly to your Picasa or Facebook accounts among other places. Experience Google cloud printing, AirPrint, and Wi-Fi direct among other modern connectivity solutions. Buy Now on Amazon Get working with this easy to install compact laser fax printer. Set up the wireless networking quickly and starts printing from your computer, mobile device or receiving a fax.

It is fast and reliable for a small business or home office. It prints monochrome and has a compact built to fit small office spaces while performing multiple duties. It features the timesaving single-pass duplex faxing, copying, and scanning from its automatic document feeder. The machine prints so fast, at 32 pages per minute to save you time.

It supports wireless printing from a networked device or mobile device. Buy Now on Amazon Get one laser printer for all your home office or small business needs. The MFC is an affordable printer that combines high-quality monochrome printing, copying, scanning, and faxing into one compact and reliable machine.

It can print up to 21 pages per minute and has a large sheet tray capacity so no frequent refills or paper outage. The auto document feeder has a page capacity. You will love the print quality of up to x dpi. It brings durability, functionality, and a high-quality, reliable printer. It is feature-rich to serve a busy office environment fully.

This machine has print, scan, copy, and fax capabilities all in one compact product that fits small office spaces. It features various mobile solutions and security features to make your work a breeze. Print at a speed of 35 pages per minute. It is set for duplex printing to save paper and other costs. It effortlessly creates images of small double-sided documents like an ID on a single page. The password protection feature can manage up to IDs to help you manage usage.

It has a compact desk friendly design to suit small spaces. The machine will print, scan, copy, and fax sharp outputs at up to x dpi resolution. It can scan from the scan glass or the automatic document feeder, so you do not waste any time.

It is perfect for those who need to digitize, duplicate or share documents. Its fast 27 pages per minute speed and automatic duplex printing make it ideal for any small business. Buy Now on Amazon Experience the convenience of working with a compact all-in-one printer.

It is fast and features a 16mb memory and page auto document feeder capacity for copying and faxing multiple pages. The IntelliFAX can broadcast up to locations and hold a speed dial locations. It can receive fax and voice on the same line. It has a Its paper tray can hold up to sheets to lower your reloading needs and the risk of a paper outage. Buy Now on Amazon Any small business will appreciate what this compact all-in-one printer can do.

It has high-quality output and is feature-rich. Print, copy, scan, and fax from the convenience of one product. No need to fill your limited desk space with devices when one can perform all the functions. It integrates various mobile solutions to make it easy to print. It will print at a speed of 28 pages per minute in black and white. It prints duplex without the need for any setting and supports Google cloud print, AirPrint, Mopria print among others. You can fax, print, copy, and scan from this fast and durable machine.

It prints at 26 pages per minute speed and has duplex printing to save you paper and related resources. The tray can handle sheets and up to 50 sheets in the duplex automatic document feeder. It packs so many features you will love the convenience. It is suited for home or small business applications. They use LED printing and can produce high-quality images and serve heavy-duty printing. It uses toner to produce crisp images on plain paper quickly.

They are easy to maintain and are more expensive than the inkjet types. Thermal transfer fax machines: This technology uses heat to transfer ink from a ribbon to print on plain paper. They are fairly reliable and inexpensive, making them suitable for home or small business use. They, however, experience mediocre printing quality and noisy operations. Many businessmen want a portable fax machine that they can take anywhere for business trips, holidays, and expeditions.

There are so many fax machines with excellent portability for those who want such. If portability is not important to you, then there are tons of options on the market waiting for you. Every fax machine model has a different design. You have the option to choose the design that pleases you.

It can be a standalone device just for sending and receiving faxes or be a part of a multi-function printer for scanning, faxing, and printing among other functions. Modern faxes have wireless technologies to allow you create wireless connections with your PC or mobile device.

Not the most portable choice, but delivers a large sound experience at an affordable price. It can charge your other portable devices too. Amazing sound quality for the size, yet an average battery life. Best Budget — OontZ Angle 3.

It comes in four color options and rugged design that can take some real beating. It is made of a high-grade anodized aluminum giving the speaker a premium feel to go along with its premium price tag.

Around the bottom part of the speaker body, you will find holes that ensure a degree sound distribution. The handle is made of a high-quality fabric, which has a premium feel and is quite practical at the same time. Although you cannot submerge the speaker in water, it is protected against splashing water and rain. According to Bose, they have integrated a quite innovative design consisting of two opposing radiators with a powerful downward facing transducer and a new, patented deflector. As a result — the speaker emits a powerful, degree omnidirectional sound which is simply stunning.

It is loud, clear and punchy with no distortion even at high volumes. Talking about drawbacks, we feel it is too expensive, even considering the sound quality that it produces. The Libratone Zipp maintains the shape of its predecessor, which is a cylinder with a detachable cover that comes in 7 different colors.

It also has a comfortable handle and despite being the heaviest Bluetooth speaker we have reviewed — it still feels reasonably portable. The speaker size and the quality of materials seem to suggest and favor the indoor use over the outdoor, yet taking using it in your backyard is just as welcome. The most prominent and noticeable trait in the sound character is the deep bass. It makes you wonder — how have Libratone managed to pack so much punch in a size so little.

The sound is so vibrant and loud that it can quite comfortably fill a large room with close to the stationary system sound experience. Have we missed anything? You also get an app that comes with the speaker that allows you to do some pretty cool things. You can connect up to six speakers to a group and have up to eight groups.

With all the great things we said about the Zipp — it also has some flaws. The other thing that has ruined a big part of our excitement with Zipp is the touch controls. The swipes and taps just would not register, and there are only so many times you can press the same button before getting annoyed. It was specifically designed for active outdoor use and has an IPX6 rating which makes it capable to withstand powerful water jets and heavy seas. Although it is not certified for solids protection, the durable body and grills are designed to protect the unit from sand and dirt just as well.

The rugged body is made of the soft and durable plastic designed to absorb physical impacts. The speaker controls are pretty straightforward and feature big buttons making it easy and intuitive to use. The chassis features five dynamic drivers consisting of two passive bass radiators, two acoustic tweeters, and one integrated subwoofer. The audio quality stays relatively consistent throughout the volume range as the speaker has an anti-distortion circuit built-in.

The mAh battery provides a very reasonable 16 hours of playtime, so you can be sure that it will last the whole day of non-stop playing. Can Boom 3 live up to the elevated expectations?

UE has decided not to redefine the ultimate Bluetooth speaker but instead stick to the winning formula and add some cool new features. Despite being bigger, it still feels portable and can be carried around in a backpack. One of the main enhancements of Boom 3 is the updated aesthetic. As a result, it adds a great sleek look and dramatically improves the durability of the speaker. The speaker now features the IP67 dust-proof and waterproof rating that allows the speaker to get submerged under water for 30 minutes.

In addition, just like Wonderboom, Boom 3 can float in water. Not sure how practical this might be for consumers, but if you are up for some pool time and feel like you could add some music to the mix, Boom 3 is fit for the job. Unfortunately, it only works with Apple music and Deezer Premium which leaves Spotify and other music streaming platforms out. The speaker features a degree sound similar to previous Boom models.

It allows you to place the speaker in the middle of the room and enjoy even sound distribution. It does feel, however, that lows come slightly emphasized in the default setting. Thankfully, you can always change the equalizer settings to your liking using the Boom app.

The app, however, has not been updated for some time and feels a little dated now. Lastly, Boom 3 connection range improvements have made it one of the best Bluetooth speakers for parties. The speaker range has been increased from to feet keeping the battery life at a respectable 15 hours. Boom 3 is a great successor to one of the best Bluetooth speaker lineups to ever hit the market. It takes the winning formula of Boom 2, adds a sleek, yet durable design, enhanced waterproofing and a cheaper launch price.

There are three types of jackets to choose from — Style, Sport and Tough with the latter one featuring the strongest body that can withstand drops and reasonably strong phisical impacts. The speaker is snow, water, dust and mud proof that can be submerged in one meter deep water for up to 30 minutes.

The sound performance is yet another area where Fugoo Style delivers some truly incredible results. Those drivers are symmetrically placed to allow a degree sound. That is double the battery life compared to the rest of the competition! The advertised 40 hours, may not always be practical, but based on our testing 30 hours and over would be more than a reasonable expectation.

In fact, it is one of the oldest ones on the market too, with the fourth generation being out now. At a glance — there is nothing special about this speaker compared to the previous model i. Flip 3 or even the competition. The design is very similar to its predecessor, which is pretty plain and simple.

In fact, the only external difference between Flip 3 and Flip 4 is the fabric-mesh weave that wraps around the speaker and makes it completely waterproof. You are likely never to need to interconnect so many speakers, yet pairing a couple could be quite reasonable. The mids are less refined than we hoped for as they sound a little too hard with vocals coming across somewhat abrasive. The overall sound, however, feels balanced with no frequencies taking the front stage. We found UE Wonderboom to be the closest competitor to Flip 4.

The connection quality the speaker provides is quite stable. As for the battery life, it depends on the usage. JBL claims the speaker should last for around 12 hours, yet our numbers are slightly different. The first thing that you notice is a weird shape of the speaker as it actually looks like a squashed, fat can of coke.

The speaker is wrapped in a typical UE type of water-proof fabric with soft rubber top and bottom making it shockproof, capable of surviving 5 feet drops. The certified rating allows the speaker to get immersed in up to 1-meter deep water for up to 30 minutes. In terms of connections — the speaker only supports Bluetooth with no physical connections being available.

The connection range is pretty decent as we had used it up to 80 feet away outdoors before any skipping started to take place. I cannot tell you how wrong we found ourselves. The speaker is loud, really loud! You do not get the cleanest sound here as the highs are not as crisp and the mids need a touch of refinement.

It is advertised to last for 10 hours, and in practice, we found it to be rather an optimistic claim. In our test, on full volume, the speaker lasted around 2 hours. When used at average volumes, we managed to get just above 8 hours of life out of it.

Not too bad, but also not too exciting compared to the competition, as we would like to see Ultimate Ears deliver stronger results. In fact, JBL has proven to be such as a consistent player in the niche that their Bluetooth speakers are constantly featured in top reviews across the industry. At the front of the speaker stand you will notice light indicators showing the remaining charge. At the back of the speaker, you will find all the connections secured under the rubber flap.

You will also find the charge port there which allows your Charge 3 to become the power source for your other portable devices. The sides of the speaker feature a soft shockproof plastic designed to absorb the physical impact. Each side of the speaker has an exposed bass radiator that vibrates when listening to bass-heavy tracks. The radiators look great and are likely to appeal to bass lovers. This is an improvement over its predecessor Charge 2 which was only splash proof.

The sound quality produced is very characteristic of what you would expect from JBL. The speaker delivers strong low-end performance with deep levels of bass. The highs are clear and never get distorted or become piercing, even at high volumes when massive levels of bass get produced.

This does not apply to all mids, but rather the ones produced in the background as vocals are still clear and detailed. You probably would not want to take the speaker with you when traveling due to its size and weight.

At the same time, it is definitely an amazing option for short trips to the picnic, pool or anything as long as you have a car with you. There is simply no better speaker in this price range and JBL has once again delivered one of the best outdoor bluetooth speakers around. The body is made of soft-touch rubber which gives you a good feel and grip, especially with wet hands.

It makes the speaker sit comfortably in your hands and ads a good level of impact protection. On the downside, it is a dust magnet, so you may find yourself wiping it a little more often than you would have wanted to. It also features an NFC function for quick pairing, which is a small but handy improvement. Another uncommon feature for speakers of this size is the multipoint Bluetooth support that allows having two phones paired with the speaker. The tonal balance is excellent with clear sound reproduction across the frequency range.

We found that it works the best with classical, jazz and any acoustical music as you get a nice and clear sound separation. It also performs well with Hip-hop type of music, yet when the music gets busy, you may find that the speaker ratches back the volume and some frequencies to avoid the sound distortion. It catches attention with an unusual triangular shape which actually is quite practical as it makes the speaker very stable. The side slipcovers are made of soft-touch rubber designed to absorb physical impact and help with water resistance.

Although the speaker has the looks of a fully sealed waterproof device, it is not quite so. It takes about 5 hours to recharge the battery which is a little too long in our opinion. Amongst the new features, you will find the integrated microphone which allows the unit to be used as a speakerphone. Cambridge Soundworks has advertised a 30 feet connection range, however in practice, we feel 20 feet to be more representative, as pushing beyond that range results in skipping.

The body features two 1.

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Below we have the top power banks of in various sizes, capacities and features.

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Finally in the past colour especially for laser printers has demanded a premium, that's not so much the case these days. This gives you a lot more freedom when interacting with the device, and makes it more functional in more places.

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