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Passing points were again used, with the two races added together. The top 12 in points locked into the feature. Covington dominated out front from the pole. Hafertepe shot by the front row starters and led every lap. The race was for second. Cornell moved up into the spot on lap three, but E. Martin would shoot back around on the high side with three to go. The two battled for several laps, with Cornell low and E. Paulus led early over Bruce and Bogucki. Rilat shot from fourth to second on lap two.

Brown passed Bruce for third on lap three and Rilat for second, a lap later. Brown would shoot by Paulus for the lead coming to the white flag. Hahn led the lap distance. He entered lapped traffic on the eighth circuit. The leaders were mostly single-file on the cushion. Potter 11 DNS — Br.

Crawley and Howard cruised to the transfer spots to the main, while Gennetten was right there, but fell short. B main three started: Daniel flipped wildly into turn one after contact with B. Early in the race, it was a three-way battle for the lead between McClelland, Blank and Bruce. McClelland and Blank would prevail. Martin also got Bruce for third on lap five. Swindell shot around the front row to take the lead right away in the lapper in honor of Jason Johnson.

Hagar took second from Bellm on lap two before Utz stopped to bring out a caution. Swindell led Hagar, Bellm, Bergman and Thomas back to green. Most were running the low side of the speedway, which had been reworked prior to staging. Swindell was into lapped traffic by lap eight. Bergman took third from Bellm on lap By the halfway point, Swindell was slicing through traffic and had nearly a half lap lead on Hagar.

Nienhiser was running 11th when he spun 25 laps in. Swindell had seven lapped cars between himself and Hagar on the restart, leaving little doubt about the outcome even though there were 16 laps remaining. Brown were the biggest benefits of the restart.

Cornell jumped from sixth to fourth, while Brown went from eighth to fifth. Three laps later, Brown would shoot under Bergman and Cornell into third. Bellm would bring one more caution when he stopped while running seventh with nine to go. Bogucki, who was one of four provisionals, was the hard-charger.

Karter Sarff 21KS 3 7. Hank Davis 42 7 9. Brendon Wiseley 9. Robinson led Seavey for the distance on the cushion. Daum worked by Sarff for third on lap three. Holley Hollan 14JR 1 7. Austin Brown 7F 6 8. Sam Johnson 72 9 9. Presley Truedson 5T 7. Felker led Klaasmeyer and Neuman early.

Brown stopped with a lap down. Klaasmeyer jumped into the lead on the restart, while T. Carrick moved into fourth. At the halfway mark. Carrick shot from fourth to second using the low side. Chase Porter 81 3 7. Chance Morton 7m 7 8. Tyler Vantoll 30T 6. Thomas led early ahead of Craker and Porter. Porter got sideways going into one on the second lap.

Morton jumped his wheel and flipped. Vantoll was also involved as well. Thomas led Craker, Decker, Cofer and Black back to green. Craker shot into the lead and held it the rest of the way. Cofer had grabbed third but took a detour through the infield with two to go, losing a spot. Davis led Sarff and Brown early. Sarff would get by Davis in a good battle for the lead.

Meanwhile, Morton was shooting forward from the tail. He was third by the halfway point, took second on lap six, and the lead on lap seven. It was a great rebound after getting upside down in the heat. Craker 1 DNS — Morton. Klaasmeyer led Craker and T. Carrick early in the lapper. A mad scramble up front saw T. Carrick move into second and Thomas into third.

Four laps in, Craker would get over the turn one cushion and crash. Klaasmeyer again led T. Carrick, Thomas, Robinson and Seavey back to green.

Seavey, who won Friday, moved into fourth on the rstart. Seavey used that restart to gain third. The final yellow flew for a spun Elledge, the granddaughter of Dale Earnhardt Sr. Klaasmeyer would hold his lead, while Seavey snagged second from T.

Carrick on the last lap. Johnson was the hard-charger. Blake Hahn 52 1 2. Derek Hagar 9JR 6 3. Brian Brown 21B 2 5. Travis Rilat 1 5 6. Tim Crawley 1x 7 8. Ben Brown 49B 9 9. Bailey Elliott 99B 8. Hahn led the distance from the pole after a motor change during hot laps. McClelland moved up into second early, ahead of Br. Hagar was on the move from row three, however, and took that spot on lap two and then passed McClelland for second at the halfway point.

From there it was single-file around the bottom, relegating drivers like Bruce and Crawley straight to the B. Kyle Bellm 14K 2 2. Miles Paulus 21 4 3. Wayne Johnson 2c 6 4. Jonathan Cornell 28c 5 5. John Schulz 99x 3 6. Harli White 17w 9 7.

Taylor Walton 0 8 8. TJ Muths 65 1 9. Brandon Barker 7. Bellm shot out and led the distance over Paulus and W. Johnson, who grabbed third on the first lap. Cornell made a big pass of Schulz for fourth coming for the white flag. Dustin Barks 22 2 2. Mason Daniel 33m 3 3. Danny Thoman 27 1 4. Matt Covington 95 7 5. Nick Howard 37H 5 6.

Wyatt Burks 9m 4 7. Evan Martin 4 6 8. Barks led wire to wire. Thoman held down second until Daniel banged his way by coming for the white flag lap. Covington moved into fourth on the second lap. Rusty Potter 3P 2 2. Jamie Ball 5J 3 3. Tyler Thomas 91T 8 4. Paul Nienhiser 9x 7 5. Skylar Gee 99 6 6. Brad Ryun 1xx 4 7.

Scott Bogucki 28 5 8. Chris Martin 44 1. Martin led early over Bogucki, up from row three early, and Potter. Potter would take second from Bogucki on the second lap.

Potter would then shoot under C. Martin to lead lap three. Ball would gain third and Nienhiser fourth on the fifth lap. Thomas would come on lap to finish third from the tail. Roger Crockett 11 1 2. Seth Bergman 23 3 3. Sammy Swindell 3s 6 4. Ayrton Gennetten 3 4 5. Billy Butler 57 2 6. Tyler Utz 3V 8 7. Frank Brown 43 5 8. Curtis Evans 1P 7. Crockett led the distance with Bergman in tow. Swindell went from fifth to third on the second lap.

Alex Hill 77x 2 2. Randy Martin 14 3 3. Johnny Herrera 45x 4 5. Tyler Blank 75 8 6. Aidan Roosevans 6A 1 7. Nathan Ryun 18x 5 8. Forrest Sutherland 85 7. Sutherland was done with a flat right front tire before a lap could be completed. Hill led the distance, holding off R. Martin in a good race. Herrera ran third until Hafertepe moved up from sixth to take the spot on lap three.

Hill bounced back after banging the wall in hot laps. The qualifiers had an invert of six, putting the high passing point getters from the heats outside row three. Martin led the distance from the pole, holding off Hafertepe. Hagar slid by Paulus to take fourth on lap three, and then did the same to get by Daniel for third with two to go.

Covington too, the early lead over W. Thomas was fourth by lap three, and then jumped up to second on lap four. Hahn shot under W. Johnson for third on lap five.

They were both done. Swindell shot around the front row starters and won going away. Bellm moved up to fourth on lap four. McClelland led the lapper early with Utz and Blank in tow. Elliott spun in turn four three laps in. Blank would work the cushion and ride around Utz for the second a final transfer on lap five. The following go-around, Gee followed him into third.

Coming for the white flag, Blank would shoot around McClelland to take the win in exciting fashion. Ryun 7 DNS — Br. Gennetten was penalized a row from the pole for jumping.

Rilat led early, while Gennetten moved into the second transfer spot, followed by Br. Gennetten took the lead on the low side on lap two, but Rilat reclaimed it a lap later. Brown would fall one spot short of a transfer. Brown 8 DNS — Sutherland. Hill spun in turn one, collecting, Cornell, who kept going, and Be. Brown, who pulled to the pits. Potter led early over Howard and Schulz. Schulz was moving outside of Howard going into turn one, when Howard moved up the track and sent him into the wall hard.

Howard would shot to the point on the restart, while Cornell went from fourth to second to claim the final transfer. Five provisionals made for a bit of a mess in the lapper. Walton got upside down one lap in. Thomas led Hafertepe, Swindell, Hagar and R. Martin back to green. Hafertepe shot around Thomas into the point, while R. Martin moved up to fourth.

Hafertepe looked good on the cushion, until slowing to a stop five laps in. Swindell assume the lead ahead of Thomas, R. Martin, Hagar and Bellm. Hagar would move into third on the restart.

Swindell would hit lapped traffic on lap 10, and check out. Behind him, Hagar would battle with Thomas before taking second with four to go. Bellm battled hard with R. Martin for fourth for several laps before claiming third with three to go.

McClelland was the hard-charger. Tyler Thomas 91T 3 2. Tucker Klaasmeyer 27 6 3. Jake Neuman 3N 2 4. Ryan Robinson 71 7 5. Kory Schudy 28 8 6. Karter Sarff 21KS 9 7. Karsyn Elledge 83 4 8. Tyler Vantoll 30T 1 9. JD Black 7JR 5. With two scratches come feature time, all drivers made the feature. Neuman led Thomas and Vantoll early in the 8-lapper. It became a made scramble, with Thomas taking the lead on lap two, and Klaasmeyer moving into third. Klaasmeyer would work around Neuman to nail down second.

Kyle Craker 85 4 2. Hank Davis 42 1 3. Zach Daum 5D 7 4. Logan Seavey 67 8 5. Maria Cofer 57 5 6. Holley Hollan 14JR 2 7. Hannah Adair 23 6 8. Chisholm had motor issues in hot laps. Thirteen-year-old Davis led early over Hollan and Craker.

Cofer would shoot from fourth to second on the second lap. On the third go-around, Craker moved into second, whith Daum in tow.

On lap four, Seavey continued the wild racing by going from fourth to second. Daum would battle back by him and Craker for second with two to go. The last lap was set up for Craker, who hit the cushion to go from third to an exciting win. Tanner Carrick 71K 2 2. Chance Morton 7MF 6 3. Holly Shelton 67K 1 4. Austin Brown 7F 3 5. Sam Johnson 72 8 6. Blake Carrick 79 4 7. Michelle Decker 4m 5 8. Carrick led the distance. Shelton was second early, ahead of B.

Morton did well to move up to third from the third row by lap three. He took second from Shelton with two to go. A Carrick pass of Craker for second was negated when Chisholm flipped two laps in.

Carrick would again make a move on Craker when the green fell, but an oil line problem slowed Craker and brought another caution. Klaasmeyer now led T. Carrick, Thomas, Daum and Davis. Carrick pass for the lead was negated this time when Daum flipped hard in turn four.

Hollan and Elledge were also involved, but restarted. Carrick would find the lead this time, and Davis moved into third. Seavey moved by Davis into third on lap six, but Davis returned the favor a circuit later. Then Seavey had his hands full with a challenging Thomas. The leaders entered lapped traffic on lap On lap 14, Elledge would spin.

Thomas exited from the top five at the same time. It was then announced that T. Carrick had been penalized from the previous restart for not being in line. That handed the lead back to Klaasmeyer, ahead of T. Carrick, Davis, Seavey and Robinson. Under caution, Seavey pulled up beside the year-old Davis several times. When he slid under him going into turn one under green, Davis tried to cut back under him and spun, collecting the fifth place Robinson. Klaasmeyer took off again, while Seavey got by T.

Carrick for second with six to go. He then made his winning pass with three to go. Klaasmeyer stayed close, but settled for second. Carrick was the hard-charger. He passes Brian Brown, who suffered a mechanical setback when it looked like another mark in his win column at Knoxville on Saturday. There are three point eligible races over Labor Day weekend. So far, there have been nineteen different winners in the 46 races contested with the Midwest Thunder Sprint Cars presented by Open Wheel !

Jon Agan won a duel with McKenna Haase to claim the main event, and Ryan Leavitt led from start to finish to capture the feature. Before a lap could be completed in the lap finale, Rager Phillips, Glen Saville and Chase Wanner find themselves pointing the wrong way in turn two.

All rejoined the field. Madsen quickly moved into the second spot, with Davey Heskin riding the low side in tow. Brown was quickly into lapped traffic on the seventh circuit, opening up over a straightaway lead on Madsen. The battle was on for third, as Matt Juhl challenged Heskin and briefly took the spot on lap nine. Heskin regained the spot, while Austin McCarl continued to advance from his starting position outside row four.

He got by Juhl and then set his sights on Heskin for third, passing him with five to go. With just four laps to go, the leader suddenly slowed.

Madsen, who had gained some ground in traffic, assumed the lead. Time trials were scrapped due to a power outage that saw racing finally commence around 9: You had to be really cautious going into one. Guy Forbrook gave me a good racecar tonight, and the guys worked hard all week. I really want to thank the fans tonight for waiting for the power to come back on. Thanks to Knoxville Raceway for really handling it well too.

I think this will give us some momentum heading into the rest of the season. We came in with zero. Anytime you can win at this place is special. We struggled a little early in the year with qualifying and we got that figured out.

I knew every time I pushed off that I had a great car come feature time. What could have been a tighter point race in the class, fizzled when Ryan Giles exited on the first lap of that lap event. That handed the title to now eight-time champ, Clint Garner. Agan was strong on the low side, however, and shot by Moro for second on lap four.

Haase was into lapped traffic by lap eight, before Rookie of the Year Nate Mills slowed to a stop nine laps in. The next four laps saw a great duel between Haase and Agan for the lead. Agan slid in front of Haase twice, only to have her drive back by him. Finally, he made the bottom of one and two stick to pull into the lead for good, on lap Eighth running Tasker Phillips spun with six laps to go.

Agan maintained his lead for his second win of the season here and twelfth in his career. Haase held second, ahead of Sawyer Phillips who grabbed third at the white flag. Moro, Tom Lenz and Christian Bowman were heat winners.

I just wish we had more race season, because that thing is good. It was a fantastic night and a way to cap it off! Everybody really works hard all summer and dedicates their life to this.

Ryan Leavitt was never seriously challenged after taking the early lead from the second row inside in the non-stop lap main event. Cruising the bottom of the track, he was pursued the distance by former track champ, Matthew Stelzer. He entered lapped traffic on the eleventh circuit. Brandon Worthington had things working well on the low side as well, and had advanced from seventh to third with six laps to go. Young was fourth, ahead of Evan Epperson. Devin Kline, the all-time feature winner leader in the class was making his final career start and ended sixth, ahead of Rob Kubli, Eric Bridger, Mike Mayberry and Joe Simbro.

Young and Leavitt were heat race winners. These crew guys, they work their butts off. I could diamond the car off the top or run the car on the bottom the whole way through.

I appreciate every single person over here. We appreciate the racing community that has really reached out to us…and all these great fans who stayed with us through the power outage. We definitely ran off a lot of wins and quick times. I have to thank my mom and dad and Gary Williams. Flat Track Motorcycles will be here for action on September 8. For more information, visit www. Heat one started , 8 Laps, 2: Heat two started , 8 Laps, 2: Michael, MN 2 ; 3.

Heat three started , 8 Laps, 2: A main started , 25 Laps, 7: Kerry Madsen 5 ; 2. Austin McCarl 8 ; 3. Brooke Tatnell 9 ; 4.

Davey Heskin 6 ; 5. Matt Juhl 2 ; 6. Terry McCarl 4 ; 7. Josh Schneiderman 13 ; 9. Tasker Phillips 1 ; Bill Balog 11 ; Hunter Schuerenberg 10 ; Lynton Jeffrey 17 ; Carson McCarl 14 ; RJ Johnson 18 ; Bobby Mincer 21 ; Jamie Ball 15 ; Chase Wanner 19 ; Brian Brown 3 ; Bob Weuve 22 ; Glen Saville 20 ; Heat one started , 7 Laps, 1: Heat two started , 7 Laps, 2: Heat three started , 7 Laps, 2: A main started , 20 Laps, NT: Jon Agan 7 ; 2.

McKenna Haase 1 ; 3. Sawyer Phillips 9 ; 4. Calvin Landis 6 ; 5. Matt Moro 3 ; 6. Mason Daniel 13 ; 7. Clint Garner 14 ; 8. Ryan Roberts 8 ; 9. Cody Wehrle 10 ; Joe Beaver 17 ; Christian Bowman 5 ; Tom Lenz 4 ; Brad Comegys 18 ; Billy Butler 16 ; Mitchell Alexander 15 ; Tasker Phillips 12 ; Nathan Mills 11 ; John Anderson 19 ; Haase , Agan Heat one started , 6 Laps, 1: Heat two started , 6 Laps, NT: A main started , 18 Laps, 5: Ryan Leavitt 3 ; 2.

Matthew Stelzer 1 ; 3. Brandon Worthington 7 ; 4. Chase Young 2 ; 5. Evan Epperson 9 ; 6. Devin Kline 5 ; 7. Rob Kubli 12 ; 8. Eric Bridger 14 ; 9. Mike Mayberry 4 ; Joe Simbro 8 ; Casey Greubel 13 ; Jayce Jenkins 11 ; Mike Ayers 6 ; Jeff Wilke 10 ; Be sure to check the updated schedule below! So far, there have been eighteen different winners in the 45 races contested with the Midwest Thunder Sprint Cars presented by Open Wheel !

Whether you are just wanting to chip in or become a title sponsor for the series, there are several options for you. The parade lap for the finale was paced by the Jason Johnson Racing When the green flew, Sweet took off from the pole and led early in the lapper over fellow front row starter, Chad Kemenah, Donny Schatz, Aaron Reutzel and Kyle Larson.

Larson moved by both Reutzel and Schatz to take third by lap three. Undeterred, Schatz worked back by Larson on lap six. Sweet was in lapped traffic by the seventh circuit. Schatz took to the cushion, passing Kemenah for second on lap nine. Larson followed him into third on lap ten. Sweet built a lead of 3. Meanwhile, Kemenah and Reutzel were also battling for fourth. Rico Abreu was running ninth when he tipped over in turn four on lap Sweet led Schatz, Larson, Reutzel and Kemenah back to green.

Larson slid in front of Schatz for second, before the field stopped for the mandatory red flag period on lap Reutzel jumped into fourth, and Macedo cracked the top five on lap He was in lapped traffic and pulling away again on lap Schatz reeled in Larson, passing him with nine to go.

That set up a two-lap Dash to the checkers. Sweet hit his marks perfectly, and edged Schatz by. Larson, Reutzel and Tim Kaeding followed. This car was flying all weekend. I made a few mistakes. Donny was breathing down my neck. I thought I better hit these two laps on the bottom perfect.

I was uptight and nervous all day. That video of Jason Johnson came on in pre-race ceremonies , and I teared up. My mind went really calm. I dreamed about the feeling he had when he won it. I just want to cry, faint, hug, kiss and drink lots of beer!

That yellow helped us with two to go and gave us a chance. We made the best of it, but he was really good. He could go anywhere on the racetrack.

They worked hard for it. We did our best…it was just second best. I felt we were the best three cars all week. It was a lot of fun racing Donny the first half. I was able to get by him before the break, and give Brad a run there for a little while. D Main started , 12 Laps, NT: C Main started , 15 Laps, NT: Dave Blaney 19 ; Skylar Gee 23 ; Rager Phillips 24 ; John Carney II 21 ; Matt Covington 22 ; B Main started , 22 Laps, 6: Spencer Bayston 22 ; Michael, MN 14 ; Skylar Prochaska 21 ; Trey Starks 24 ; A Main started , 50 Laps, NT: Brad Sweet 1 ; 2.

Donny Schatz 4 ; 3. Kyle Larson 3 ; 4. Aaron Reutzel 5 ; 5. Tim Kaeding 10 ; 6. Carson Macedo 8 ; 7. Chad Kemenah 2 ; 8. Logan Schuchart 17 ; 9. Shane Stewart 15 ; David Gravel 23 ; Ian Madsen 11 ; Tim Shaffer 7 ; Jacob Allen 12 ; Gio Scelzi 9 ; Greg Hodnett 14 ; Dominic Scelzi 25 ; Daryn Pittman 22 ; Parker Price-Miller 21 ; Brock Zearfoss 24 ; Matt Juhl 20 ; Paul McMahan 19 ; Kerry Madsen 6 ; Terry McCarl 16 ; Rico Abreu 13 ; Sweet , Larson , Sweet Sprint Car Award for Tim Kaeding, California, points; 5.

Cory Eliason, California, points. Greg Hodnett, Pennsylvania, points; 3. Brad Sweet, California, points; 4. Ian Madsen, New South Wales, points; 5. Trey Starks, Washington, points.

Terry McCarl, Iowa points; 5. Kerry Madsen, New South Wales, points. Carson Macedo, California, points; 2. Gio Scelzi, California, points; 3. Terry McCarl, Iowa, points; 4. Cory Eliason, California, points; 5. Sammy Swindell, Tennessee, points; 6. Tim Kaeding, California, points; 7. Dominic Scelzi, California, points; 8.

Schuchart grabbed the early lead in the lap main event, ahead of Brown, McMahan and Sheldon Haudenschild. When Haudenschild got sideways on the second lap, Juhl shot into fourth. On lap five, Brown rode the cushion by Schuchart for the first of four lead changes.

The leaders entered lapped traffic on lap eight, and Juhl got by McMahan for third. Schuchart found his way back to the point in heavy lapped traffic on the tenth circuit before Spencer Bayston got into the turn one wall. Haudenschild grabbed the final transfer from Juhl on the restart, in a battle that was every bit as good as the one for the lead.

Juhl would snatch it back at the halfway point. Brown would recapture the lead with ten to go, but Schuchart would rebound to regain the fore for good a lap later. Both Haudenschild and Jamie Veal pressed Juhl for the coveted fourth position. Haudenschild would shoot by for the spot, but a ride over the inside berm in turn three would give the spot back to Juhl. He won this thing in with little to nothing.

We were racing so hard. I knew I was using my tires up pretty good. If you knew what we went through the last forty hours, you would cringe. It shows you to work hard and never give up. We had a vibration and figured out what it was. Our team is just a bunch of misfits that give me a hell of a racecar every night. My son and my daughter are here, my mom and dad and my brother are here. This is a phenomenal place to come to and race weekly. I drive five hours every week to come here, and we will keep doing it.

It sets you up for the Nationals too. Allan Woods would tip over before a lap could be completed, and when Jordyn Brazier exited, it left just sixteen entries.

Scelzi would slide by Gee for second on lap four. Scelzi would use the restart to slide by Tatnell. McFadden followed him into second, while Austin McCarl moved into fourth.

Tatnell would get over the turn one cushion and spin ten laps in. Carson Macedo, Kerry Madsen and Ian Madsen took evasive maneuvers to avoid him, with Ian suffering some right front damage. Kaeding was on the move and used the low side to gain third on the restart.

In some great action, McCarl would shoot from fourth to second on lap 12, before McFadden reclaimed the runner-up spot a lap later. This is the greatest moment of my life by far! There are still tickets available for the biggest event in sprint car racing! Gio Scelzi, California, points; 2. Carson Macedo, California, points; 3. Sammy Swindell, Tennessee, points; 4. Terry McCarl, Iowa, points; 5.

Cory Eilason, California, points; 8. Shane Golobic, California, points; 9. Wayne Johnson, Oklahoma, points; Joey Saldana, points. Sweet started sixth in the lapper, but wasted no time in getting to the front.

Josh Schneiderman smacked the wall on the backstretch and slowed to a stop to bring a caution one lap in. Culpeper, VA Cumberland Salvage: Marietta, GA Cunningham Bros. Curtice, OH Curtis Wrecking: Marlborough, NH Dave's Junkyard: Tampa, FL Davin Global: Hartford, CT Demmy Ventures: Litchfield, CT Direct Auto: Old Town, FL Diyar: Ladson, SC Don's Sportcar: Pueblo, CO Don's Sportcars: Nanaimo, BC Dulaney Auto: Dumont, IA Dundee Automotive: Canton, MI E-1 Towing: Cleveland, OH Eagle Auto: Biscoe, NC Eastern Automotive: Edgar, NE Ed's Auto: Lauderdale, FL Elite Auto: Pefferlaw, ON Elite Motors: Chicago, IL English Motors.

Ennis, TX Equity Consultants: Jessup, MD Euro Rehab: Davie, FL Exit 30 Imports: Hartford, KY Fannin Salvage: Utica, NE Fender Benders: Roswell, GA Five Star: Smithfield, RI Flamingo Auto: Middletown, OH Fogerty's Towing: Norton, MA Foothills Mechanical: Fresno, CA Friendly Trucks: Dallas, TX Garlocks Auto: Crestview, FL Gary Motors: Claremont, NH General Scrap: Chesnee, SC Gille Auto: Taylor, MI Glisson Auto: Evansville, IN Glisson Salvage: Burlington, NC Goodfellas Auto: Seekonk, MA Graham's Automotive: Stockbridge, GA Greer Recycling: Huntington Park, CA H.

Harrison, AR Harry A. Muscadine, AL Harvey's Automotive: Hazleton, PA Headlight Factory: Harrisburg, PA Heidelberg Automotive: Coombs, BC Highway 54 Salvage: Ferndale, MI Hill Auto: Nashville, TN Hilltop Auto: Fairbault, MN Hubers Automotive: Pipestone, MN Huffman's Garage: Elizabethton, TN Hunter Salvage: Little Rock, AR Hwy. Gary , IN I. Hialeah, FL Intercity Auto: South Hampton, NY J. Monroe City, MO J. San Jose, CA J.

Motors Used Auto Parts: Tucson, AZ Jellison's Auto: Forest, MS Jerusalem Auto: Harmony, PA Johnnie's C. Middlesex, NC Jones Auto: Brooklyn, NY Kar Bones: Pulaski, WI Karparts of Texas: Kinderhook, NY Keeter's Auto: Washington, NC Ken's Auto: Taylorville, IL Kettyle Cars: Dubuque, IA Keystone Repair: Auburn, NY Kuchera Automotive: Biloxi, MS Kwubeson Investment: Memphis, TN Lane Recyclers: Westville, NJ Larry's 1st Stop: Worcester, MA Lindsey Bros.

Shepherdsville, KY Littlefields Garage: Winfield, KS Lunds Auto: Dowagiac, MI Mabrito Garage: Kenton, OH Majestic Motors: Avon, MN Martin's Auto: Bakersfield, CA Mendoza's Automotive: Pacoima, CA Mercedes International: Bergen, NY Metalworks Salvage: Lakeville, MN Metro Salvage: Chesapeake, VA Meyers Auto: Medley, FL Miami Parts: Pound, WI Millennium Auto: Mims, FL Mini World: Paoli, IN Morris Auto: Edgerton, WI Morrow Motors: Los Angeles, CA Mr.

Deerfield , MI Natchez Salvage: Kennedale, TX Nationwide Remarketing: Allanburg, ON Nica Motors: Lacey, WA Nissan Unlimited: Garretson, SD Norman's of Shelby: Anchorage, AK Northwest Imports 2: Danville, VA Oakleaf Auto: Hartford, SD Odenka Investments: Phillipston, MA Olmsted Auto: Oshawa, ON Osseo Salvage: Surrey, BC Pacific Motors: Parsons, KS Parts Unlimited: Ridgewood, NY Parts Box: Venice, FL Parts Connection: Lincoln, NE Parts of Cars: Winnipeg, MB Parts Unlimited: Victor, MT Parts Unlimited: Pearland, TX Parts World: Hillsboro , MO Partsmart: Detroit, MI Payless Auto: Ridgeley, WV Pena Dismantler 2: Brentwood, CA Penney's Auto: Houston, TX Pickup City: Ocala, FL Planet of Parts: Blackstock, ON Porter Automotive: Riverview, MI Portland Import: Marborough, MA Powell's Garage: Caguas, PR Power Recycling: West Plains, MO R.

Willson Used Auto Parts: Farmington, KY Randy's Auto: Bonaventure, QC Recyclage d auto Doum: Larouche, QC Recyclage Laval: Plessisville, QC Recyclage St. Lombard, IL Recycleur Duvernay: Duvernay, QC Recycleur Recycar Regina, SK Regina's Cars: Lacombe, AB Reiders Garage: Houston, TX Rhine Auto: Smith, AR Ricky's Auto: Marrero, LA Roadside Salvage: Erhard, MN Roadway Auto: Oneonta, NY Roanoke Auto: Edmonton, AB Roger's Auto: Spanaway, WA Rollo's Solutions: Port Murrary, NJ Roverland: Corona, NY Roy's Auto: Carrollton, OH Rubicon Recycling: Orem, UT Russ' Recycling: Detroit, MI Sal's Exports: Leland, IL Salvage City: Valdosta, GA Salvage Hunter: Rome, GA Salvage King:


Three years in a row to be locked in the A main, it just shows how good this team is.

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Huei Salon, B Sunset Boulevard moved.

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