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Get ready for an exciting, technology-driven professional career with Gateway Technical College’s IT-Network Specialist associate degree program. Through comprehensive, hands-on learning, you’ll be prepared for a career setting up, supporting, securing, and maintaining computer networking systems and cloud infrastructure. A confirmed booking automatically leads to a binding contract between donnarossa and the booking customer, regulated by the present GTC. The booking is confirmed as soon as the booking form is completed and successfully submitted, the payment is booked to donnarossa ’s bank or PayPal account and a booking confirmation has been sent to the customer.

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Unsere flexiblen Unterrichtspläne bieten traditionelle Kurse, Online-Kurse und eine Mischung aus beiden, um die bestmögliche Option für Sie zu bieten. Klicken Sie .

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Nevertheless, the cancellation deadlines of the original booking date remain applicable if donnarossa under exceptional circumstances still agree on a postponement. Sie bekommen eine wertvolle Schulung, und wenn Sie die Hochschule wechseln möchten, übertragen sich Ihre Credits.

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Hi Heather, Thanks for the reply, here is an update, This morning Marthe called me from the head office, the PDF file is all there is on-line!!

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